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a long overdue update.

March was a month of catching up with friends. 31st March was especially special but things paused from there?

April was when I embarked on my very solo trip. Now, to be very honest, there was no life changing moment or revelation about the meaning of my life or something. I’m still very clueless about what I’m doing with this dang thang called life. But, the whole experience was memorable. I met and interacted with people from many parts of the world. The teeny friendships formed with random tourists at each attraction, though short-lived, was nice to have anyway. Is that stupid? To find joy in a temporary friendship, does that make it less legitimate of a relationship? whatever, it was nice anyway. Japan was a great place to go solo because the customer service is impeccable, they greet you when you arrive and when you leave the store. Just made me feel less non-existent which could happen when you are alone in a foreign land of a foreign tongue.

End of April: Fall Out Boy M A N I A Tour! FOB will always have a special place in my heart because it accompanied me on my solo trip.

May was a month of money-making. I got my highest pay cheque from this month.

June was another adventure month. Staycay at Sentosa just reminded me that Singapore can be exciting too. It was my first time swimming in the sea and wow beach life is the life. Piña coladas 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 I also stopped working (finally) and went to Pulau Ubin:

This was on top of Puaka Hill overlooking Ubin Quarry. Amazing view, yet another reminder that Singapore has things to offer if you get out of the routine. And, I’m making peace with the status quo. If things were meant to be, they will be. Perhaps not now but maybe in the future. This is me being optimistic.



wow, the last time i posted on here was October 2017…its almost March 2018.

My life has been packed with activity after activity.

Nov2017 – A levels

Dec2017- Went to Malaysia on the night of  my last A level paper, had a 1 week break after returning, worked, Christmas, New Years

Jan2018 – Started training for work on the first week, went to Korea, came back and started working properly

Feb2018 – dealing with cny peak at work, A level results.

I haven’t even had time to think/worry about my results bc of all the activity. Fortunately, i was blessed with not too shabby results which im kind of shocked by but also really grateful 🙂

2018 has been a good year for me so far. I feared the uncertainty that came with 2018 but some things i have learned/are reminded about are:

-Uncertainty is not necessarily bad, it can be exciting and we should exit our comfort zones more regularly rather than sticking to what we are familiar and used to.

-Everything is relative. Without bad, there isn’t good. If we change our standards and stop comparing ourselves with the standards of the world/other people’s standards, we may never be satisfied with ourselves. The world isn’t one size fits all. We need to know our own standards.

-You lose when you give up and don’t try.

-Nothing wrong with wanting to spend your time with only the person you wanna spend your time with.

2018 also brought unfamiliar feelings and more questions.

How do you know if a friend is more than a friend?

I have a friend, we talk about a lot of things that are pretty deep. To me, those conversations are meaningful and ones that i can’t have with just anyone. I feel okay with talking about problems/worries, making myself vulnerable around him because although we aren’t the closest of friends, i somehow feel secure and trust that its safe with him. The only thing is..we talk online, not in person. Its been going on for about 4 months. I wondered if he meant something more at the end of 2017 and still wonder now. Is it the ability to be behind a screen that makes it easy to talk to him or is it that there’s something more?

ugh life’s complexities, but i guess that’s what makes it interesting, right?

see you



brain balloon

today, i had an interview and through it I learnt something about a classmate. but first, here’s some context: my class is like an office of businessmen. we sometimes greet each other when we see each other around and interact only because of school. you have your buddies in the workplace but you don’t know anything much about the rest of the people in the office. 

during the interview, i learnt that one of the most exceptional performing ‘businessman’ in my ‘office’ has been having a really difficult time. he displays such a calm, cheery and steady composure everyday. i don’t want to go into the details of his trials but it really reminded me how everyone is having a difficult time although it does not seem like it. while I may feel absolutely shitty about my current lifestyle of studying, this businessman whom I’ve never actually held a conversation with, but see everyday, has so much more on his plate, yet he handles this intense studying lifestyle well. perhaps it is true that when we are priveledged, we take things for granted.

 people are so complex and interesting yet we bury these parts of ourselves for sharing them makes us feel vulnerable and sensitive. but, aren’t these the things that make life so much more meaningful?

🌿egspeditions and egsperiments 🌿

it’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted any food updates. Have been really busy with exams but I have been trying out food places and even cooking simple stuff, and so here is a mass update 🙂

this is the tamago udon from idaten udon with enoki tempura. Personally, I felt that the curry one was better as I thought this was a little plain especially since there wasn’t much sauce. I’m not a big fan of udon because I find that the noodles are too thick but idaten’s udon is reallly good. They are springy, bouncy and makes udon feel less heavy. You can find them at Tampines and Changi City Point and you can get a bowl from $6 onwards (depending what udon and how much tempura you order)

For my friend’s 18th birthday, we went to the social square and Parkway Parade and I ordered the chicken katsu don. Pretty standard, and rice was so mushy at the bottom. Also, they gave a plastic spoon which is exactly the same spoon I use at home! thought this was interesting because I thought plastic spoons are for kids meals? Restaurants usually provide silverware??

I looove avo sushi (this one is from the social square)okay, this bowl of goodness is SO affordable. The chicken cutlet is legit a whole breast andddd it’s was less than $8. The chicken was crispy and paired really well with the BBQ sauce. There was an option of mayo or BBQ and I told the guy at the counter to give me whichever he thought was best. My meal was complemented with a hot bowl of miso soup. Dang thinking back, I really enjoyed this meal! Moreover, it’s located at the Yoshinoya near my place 🎊tehehe for another of my friend’s birthday, we had itacho sushi and I had to have my avo sushi (in the middle) didn’t take a photo of the rest of the food because I just really wanted to enjoy the time with my friends instead of capturing photos.okay, this is taking slightly too long (I have an exam later) so I’m gonna make it even more brief. Basically, this is what I call cheesy broc and it’s so delicious. Roast the brocc, place the cheese on the broc, lid on. Throw over rice and egg cooked to your preference. A fast meal!

This is made with soy milk and idk what cuisine you’d put it under but it’s pretty amazing. Although I know some people like my mom wouldn’t enjoy this. I came up with this because I wanted to use up the soy milk in the fridge and didn’t want my soup to be so bland and thin like the usual Asian style clear soups. Hence, this was the result of a weird in between of thick and clear soup but it was delicious.lets just say before I could finish my tart, it started pouring and I was stranded at the park. Ended up Cycling home in the rain which was AMAZING!this place has REAL GOOD pasta and pizza. Didn’t get good pics because I was hanging out with a Friend that I don’t get to spend time with often and I was too excited to eat. Seriously, it’s affordable Italian and usually pastas outside are very meh. I think my search for good pasta has finally seen a pasta worth raving about. Will go back someday and then post in more detail because I think it’s really fantastic and life-changing hahahahoh my this is what I’ve been having the past week. Pasta with tuna and a soft boiled egg. Dang, this is goood, quick and easy to make too! I’m still learning how to make soft boiled eggs right, it requires a lot of patience which I’m not the best at sometimes (always so hungry when I get home from school all I want is to fill my belly)

alrighty, this is it for now. Hopefully, I’ll get to do some baking after my exams and family trip 🙂

see you


first brain balloon of 2017


Last week i had planned to update this blog with the bajillion things that have happened in my life since the last time I updated it. Lo and behold, my phone crashed while the iOS was updating (or something of sorts). In short, my phone was reset to factory settings and all the pictures I have of the food I made and casual snapshots of the life are gone 😦 The only ones I have saved in my drive are personal photos with people but as of now, I’m not really interested in uploading them online…those will be kept for my physical journal.

2016 was a real bumpy journey both physically and mentally. New environment, new people, new subjects. 2016 was also the year where my level of maturity reached a new level. I thought more about things, questioned things and wondered a lot. That made the year mentally difficult because I felt lost, I didn’t know why I was doing what I was doing (school). What made things worse was that my main support system in school (aka my gros) were not in the same school as me and i was no longer constantly surrounded with people I was so extremely comfortable with to provide me with security and support. No doubt I did meet amazing people whom I’m very grateful for and some parts of the year were joyful but overall, I wouldn’t say 2016 was great.

Anyway, on 2017. So far, it’s been okay. School isn’t killing me yet. I’m not in school today because I’m not feeling well and so I’ve had more time to ponder about life than I usually do and I thought it’d be nice to pen down my thoughts and direction for the year.

Instagram has been a great source of distraction for me. I can spend hours scrolling endlessly(and mindlessly). Such a brainless activity which really causes me to waste time and lose focus on things I’m doing..even eating. I’ve deleted the app c: I think it’s really important to put 10/10 attention into everything we do..including eating, sleeping and shitting. One thing at a time. Multitasking just gets things done in a half-hearted manner. I remember watching watching history videos in 2015 and the teacher would always say:

Where attention flows, energy goes.

I always have fleeting moments of great wisdom but I find it so difficult to apply it into my life 😬

This is silver mirror test to test for aldehydes 🙂 I feel like this post is too wordy.

Another thing I’ve been thinking about is relationships. Like love kind. My school has several. It got me wondering how long will it last? Is it real or is it just because it’s a cool new thing to do at this age? Are they exploring? People usually don’t end up with their first love and that makes me fearful of entering any love relationship because I probably wouldn’t want to lose that person. Also, I kind of find that most guys are judgemental, ranking females on boob size and face. So degrading it just makes me upset and disappointed at times :c 

sometimes I feel like the only person who understands my thoughts is Christine. 
I have a lot on my mind but I’m too lazy to get everything down so I’m ending off here. To my future self, have faith in yourself and stand your ground more, don’t let people walk over you.

see you