• lemon cupcakes with ermine frosting • | 07/09/14


IMG_5748.JPGi’ve been wanting to try my hand at making cupcakes with fancy piped frosting for quite awhile now.

i guess you could say im a pretty peculiar teenager who wakes up at 4am to bake cupcakes; i just couldn’t wait to make these!

Ermine frosting may also be known as boiled milk frosting. It is made by creaming butter and sugar together and then thickening it with a milk rue. Unfortunately, i did not have superfine sugar on hand so my frosting was pretty gritty as i used regular fine sugar. Despite that, the frosting was light and quite delicious even though frosting isn’t my cup of tea. i thought it would be cute to top it with some raspberries for a pop of colour but they didn’t have them at the store so i used blueberries instead. still cute though! c:

piping the frosting onto the cakes was the most entertaining part, and the worst part of the process of creating these was washing up the frosting bowl. butter is the hardest thing to clean up. i can only imagine what it does to our bodies!

These cupcakes were light and fluffy with a unique flavor that was very refreshing. personally, i preferred the cake without the frosting (oops)



see you.


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