• macarons • | 06/09/14

as we all know, successful macarons are not easy to attain which makes me feel very accomplished to have been able to make these macarons (with an instructor)

there are three types of macarons:
French, Italian and Swiss.
Although the method for French macarons maybe simpler, they are very sensitive and hence require a lot of skill unlike Italian macarons. We had to follow precise measurements like 37g of egg white for these Italian macarons. Even then, some groups in the class didn’t manage to succeed.

these were made by the instructor

made by my group

managed to made some cute mini ones too.

IMG_5724.JPG the ganache filling is a cafe creme ganache and another was passionfruit ganache. both were gross.

IMG_5725.JPGoh just look at the feet of the macarons!
i don’t think i’ll ever try making macarons again because i prefer eating cookies and cakes etc plus they are much easier to make!

see you.


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