• twisted parmesan rings • | 11/09/14

IMG_5804.JPGthis is another 4am baking adventure. there’s something about baking in the morning where the air is crisp and cool. i just love how calm it is.

After reading davebakes’ post on making Simit i was inspired to make my own. Unfortunately, i didn’t have pekmez and i have been wanting to try out making rustic crusty bread and parmesan twists as well, so i combined everything and came up with my own weird bread thingamajig. I adopted the shape of the Simit, used a crusty bread dough (which i realised was similar to the Simit dough) and topped it with some olive oil and parmesan!

the twisted rings had a nice crunch! It reminded me of pizza crust. these make a really good snack for tea. i used this dough to wrap around some sausages and the verdict from my mother was that it was delectable.

IMG_5813.JPGlook at those twists!

see you.


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