• chocolate chip cookies • | 13/09/14

these cookies were made with reference to Tanya Burr’s favorite cookie recipe.
IMG_5848.JPGi made many alterations to the recipe. i reduced the sugar by 100g, used chocolate chips and instead of self-raising flour, i used plain flour with 3tsp of baking powder. My cookies didn’t spread as much as I anticipated them to, hence i had puffy cookies which was probably the result of the 3 tsp of baking powder. But for the last few batches I pressed them flat. the recipe yields 30 small cookies if you drop them by the tablespoon and 15 subway sized cookies if you drop them with an ice cream scoop.
IMG_5886.JPGim guessing they would taste like subway’s cookies if you flatten and bake them till they are browned. IMG_5861.JPGthe cookies filled my kitchen with a sweet aroma of caramel. i have already had three of these cookies and it’s only 6am.
speaking about cookies, i read this page about chocolate chip cookies and it was absolutely captivating! the next time i make these i will use a chocolate bar. alright, now I’m off to read my book, vintage murakami, by haruki murakami. stoked because i’ve been seeing his quotes a lot recently.

look at that subway-sized cookie!

see you.



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