• dark cookies • | 21/09/14

after my not so successful attempt at baking cookies with my own recipe i have decided to further improve it.
yesterday, in my fluster, i accidentally measured out the wrong proportions of flour and cocoa and mixed it so I just dumped it in a container and kept it.

Since I overbaked my cookies yesterday, I thought why not try it out again with the wrongly proportioned flour and I’m proud to say, it worked out fine! Something peculiar though was that although these had less cocoa to flour, the cookies came out darker. anyone know why?
IMG_5924.JPGjust look at those cracks!

they are soft, fluffy & pillowy on the inside; like crusty cakes. I’ll share my recipe after i test it out a couple more times. good enough for a 15 year old I think. c:

see you.

update: three cookies got attacked by some ants


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