• pulled pork, oyako don and llao llao! •

Yes! Finally, my holiday officially starts. No more going back to school for CCA or any activity/lessons! After such a long while, I finally took time to go shopping. I went to Plaza Singapura with hopes of purchasing a yoga ball. Unfortunately, the unfriendly staff immediately shunned me away. Since I was there, I decided to treat myself to some llao llao.
This yogurt store has been so hyped about. The last time I tried it, I only got it with some cashews(horrible combination!) because i didn’t notice they had sauces and my mom insisted that I wouldn’t be able to finish a sanum on my own. This time, there was no one to stop me muahahaha! I got it with rafaello sauce bananas x2 (I love bananas!) and mango with kit kats. Did you know kit kat means good luck in japanese?
The yogurt was okay but I think llao llao is really popular because it has the sanum which is like a parfait and their selection of sauces very wide and very delicious!
enough babble about llao llao, this is a pulled pork burger I made. I used my own braising liquid which I came up with and surprisingly tasted really good! It’s 12oz ginger beer with 1/4 cup teriyaki sauce.
If you try it, please tell me what you think, it’s my first time trying out shit that comes out of my brain c:
also, tonight I made oyako don for dinner. So easy, simple and delicious. I found a book titled Kentaro’s noodles at the library and it had very simple noodle recipes and the pan fried chicken soba was super delish and a hit with my family.

see you.

UPDATE: i made oyako don for my family again for Sunday night dinner (23/11/14) im grossed out by chicken thighs.



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