what might just be the best thing ever

solitarily, it stood.

Playing with fancy shmancy iphone filters. I think I enjoy photography, but with an iphone. Once all the technical terms and techniques come in, i often find myself bored. But wouldn’t that mean im not actually interested in photography?

Anyways, banana burritos. Best thing ever. I think it is safe to say almost everyone loves bananas. It’s dessert but it’s a fruit at the same time! 

just wrap slices of bananas with cinnamon, Milo powder, peanut butter, cookie butter, chocolate chips…whatever, really and bake it till its crispy. 

mmm I think banana burritos are the breakfasts of champions!

tehe hope you try this out! 😀

see you

(it doesn’t look very elaborate or delicious like those photos you see on pinterest of food being so majestic; let’s be real though, this is how food looks like)


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