• nookie yogurt •

  i totally forgot to blog about my experience at nookie! (15 April)

i had the green tea black sesame yogurt which was very filling. it had these really cool burst in your mouth yellow liquid balls. 

unfortunately mine was not very nicely made and the swirl looked like a blob :c

 just like llao llao, this was filling and you would be able to eat this for lunch!

Many people often compare nookie to llao llao. I feel that both nookie and llao llao has their own merits. nookie is more sophisticated with their unique flavor combinations such as green tea black sesame(the one I had), red velvet and more. 

However, i prefer llao llao as I am a relatively picky with what fruit i like with my yogurt(I requested to change the fruit but they said they couldn’t do it :/) and for DIY yogurt combinations llao llao is the best. but that’s just me.

see you



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