• dark chocolate pocky cake w/ milk chocolate cream • 

 finally, I have the time to bake a cake  again! it’s great to be able to feel the sense of accomplishment and happiness I get from baking again.


i only realised I messed up my chocolate ganache when it didn’t harden up like the previous time I made chocolate ganache, so I quickly googled for an explanation.

 Since I used milk chocolate, the ratio should have been 3 parts chocolate 1 part cream but instead, i used 200ml cream and 220g milk chocolate (wanted to finish the cadbury dairy milk bar in my pantry). Anyway, all went well because I decided to just whip the cream ☺️

   hehe my bad cake frosting skills but i think I have actually improved!
assembling the cake is always the most fun part, therapeutic even. The pocky is a good way to hide my terrible cake frosting skills!!



   (I thought the cake was pretty so I took many shots!)

  I bought the totoro in Malaysia last year because I thought it would be a cute cake topper for strawberry shortcake.  (I think it’s for making terrariums)


   ((all photos here taken by me with iphone 5, that’s my father))

this is my favorite picture ⬆️⬆️⬆️

the cake was made with Hershey’s Perfectly Chocolate cake recipe with a few changes. it was so deliciously dark and moist! I would make a dark chocolate ganache next time because I like dark chocolate and this time was to use up the cadbury dairy milk in my pantry. 

Besides that, i don’t think I’ll ever do this pocky idea again because it’s just too much to eat! I really could not eat the pocky after finishing the cake.

Really thankful to have such a supportive mom who allows me to bake whatever I like and “mess” up the kitchen(( I do clean it after))

very very very happy!  

see you 


update: stick part of pocky softened :c

  This was taken by my father 


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