• anyhow curry •

  in the spirit of eating healthy (trying), I made a vegetable curry. I like to call it anyhow curry because I made this without any recipes or measurements. 
my friend who tasted it said it tastes like what curry would taste like if Italians made a curry. 😂 

i added a sweet potato and I think it thickened the curry a little 🙂

here’s the recipe from my brain if you are interested in this looks-like-japanese-curry-made-with-indian-spices-but-tastes-like-what-italian-curry-would-taste-like

  • chicken stock/broth 
  • water
  • your favorite vegetables
  • tomato sauce or paste
  • garam masala 
  • ground cumin
  • turmeric 
  • optional: milk, chili powder if you like spicy 
  1. place just enough broth and water into the pot to cover your vegetables
  2. bring to a boil
  3. add your tomato sauce/paste until you think it’s enough
  4. add the spices to your liking
  5. simmer until you get the consistency you like
  6. add some sugar, salt and pepper to adjust and enhance the flavors
  7. add milk/coconut milk if you like it creamy
  8. serve over a bed of rice or noodles or bread

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