my first order + personal thoughts on exams?¿


  I recieved my very first order for chocolate chip blondies and white chocolate cranberry blondies. its for someone’s birthday party tomorrow! 🎊
I’ve never got orders from anyone outside of my family so I guess that’s kind of cool? 

Anyway, im in the middle of exams and I haven’t been studying at all. It’s hard, I just feel so unmotivated. Now don’t get me wrong, I love learning and i actually enjoy the content that I get to enlighten my being with. But, exams, a paper that is supposed to measure the degree of my intelligence? And decide my future of what tertiary education i go to which probably will make quite a bit of difference in my life? my gosh, how daunting.

I understand that exams are a good way to gauge where you stand and how much you have learnt but if everyone is memorizing and regurgitating, is anyone really learning? It’s a pity to see how exam’s have made the things we learn at school seem boring and uninteresting to many. We learn about how the freaking heart works, why substances have different states, hitler and stalin’s rule, chinese idioms and math?!?!? it’s great stuff but sometimes it’s overwhelming to have to know all this in great detail all at the same time.

Another thing, I hate when people ask me what I want to be in the future. How am I supposed to know? I haven’t experienced working anywhere before; im only 16 and i’ve spent majority of my life in school. my life revolves around school. how sad does that sound. I feel sorry for myself too. 

alright time to go learn about the Cuban missile crisis in profound detail so that I can get an A which is supposed to help me in my future

Having knowledge does not mean you are intelligent. Having intelligence does not mean you have wisdom.

see you



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