why i don’t eat meat

Well, here’s the situation, i’ve been a vegetarian for about 4 months (since 15th Feb 2016). The term vegetarian is pretty vague and so i shall define what kind of vegetarian i am. Basically, i don’t eat meat: chicken, beef, pork, fish & seafood. I do consume animal products like milk, cheese and eggs. (sidetrack:are fishballs and fishcakes considered vegetarian? Anyway, i don’t eat them because i don’t like them).

here’s the FAQ:

why are you vegetarian?

I’ve been asked this question numerous times in the past 4 months and i’ve always given a very seemingly unconvincing and unsatisfactory answer. This is because the tone in which people use to ask this question has been accusatory, condescending and negative which scares the shit out of me because it makes me feel like i have committed a crime/violated the laws of the universe, coupled with the fact that i’m not a very social and vocal person. Thus, i guess it’s a reflex for me to rid off the uncomfortable situation by giving an answer like “for fun” and “why not”. However, i do have more in depth reasons to why i have chosen to not eat meat.

The production of meat has highly adverse impacts on the environment.

  • Cows must consume 16 pounds of vegetation in order to convert them into 1 pound of flesh. Raising animals for food consumes more than half of all water used in the U.S. It takes 2,500 gallons of water to produce a pound of meat but only 25 gallons to produce a pound of wheat.
  •  Producing just one hamburger uses enough fossil fuel to drive a small car 20 miles. Of all raw materials and fossil fuels used in the U.S., more than one-third are devoted to raising animals for food.
  • A typical pig factory generates the same amount of raw waste as a city of 12,000 people. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, raising animals for food is the number-one source of water pollution. 

source: PETA

I believe that as inhabitants of the Earth, we have a responsibility to at least try to reduce the damage done to our home, the very place we rely on for our existence. Animal agriculture is the leading source of pollution and reducing the amount of meat we consume can alleviate and reduce the destruction done to our environment. Furthermore, it is something within our power that we can do so why not do some good for the Earth?


Some people may claim that all those facts/statistics are false bs but even if it is all fake, eating less meat doesn’t harm me in any way. There are other reasons such as the process of producing meat etc (you’ve probably heard a lot of it) but the primary reason i’m doing it for is the environment.

I’m not trying to completely rid the world of pollution or save the Earth from all pollution damage by not eating meat(although it would be nice if anyone had the power to hehe). I’m just doing what i feel is right for me as of now, to the best of my ability c: I understand that the environment may not be what everyone is concerned about as a priority at this moment in their lives but i hope my actions are able to raise at least a tinge of awareness or even inspire others regardless of whether they choose to eat meat or not. A little awareness can go a long way.

how long am i going to be a vegetarian? Well, my family doesn’t 100% approve of me not eating meat at all due to nutritional concerns (but they aren’t entirely against it either) so it will probably be a seasonal thing whereby i’ll “stop being vegetarian” during holiday trips but i will probably have most of my meals meatless as far as possible 🙂

keep an open mind and be respectful of other’s decisions.

see you



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