^this is a shirt I made recently. It’s a really easy DIY. just edit the image to how you like it, print it out the size you want, place the paper under the shirt then put it on a clear surface, shine light beneath and then trace with a fabric marker.literally the first doodle this whole entire year. it’s July…I’ve been so consumed by..everything and nothing at the same time. The sat/sun one is actually a portrayal of my mind before and now. ^doodles highly inspired by a book I borrowed from the library. i can’t draw from my brain but I can think of what I want to draw, Google a pic of it and draw it. guess you could say I’m a professional con artist that’s not an artist.
the only nice things I can draw without reference are simple people heads that all look the same. example above. I’m not going to say I’m good at drawing but I wil say I think my doodling is nice because drawing is such an official term and good is both subjective and relative. 

recently, I’ve been noticing how everything is relative. not going to delve deeper but is that what einstein’s theory of relativity is about? i should go read up on it. hmm ok random brain balloon flying by 🎈🎈🎈

see you


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