brain balloon 🎈

  went to the market with mom this morning and I saw this really pretty colouring book! 
colouring is really good. it gives you time to pause and reflect, step back and calm down from our hectic lives. I often tend to get so immersed in everything that I forget what the important things in life are. 


cherish the people around you, everything doesn’t have to be perfect. Be thankful for all that you have and forget about the things you don’t. Worrying too much doesn’t help.

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my first order + personal thoughts on exams?¿


  I recieved my very first order for chocolate chip blondies and white chocolate cranberry blondies. its for someone’s birthday party tomorrow! 🎊
I’ve never got orders from anyone outside of my family so I guess that’s kind of cool? 

Anyway, im in the middle of exams and I haven’t been studying at all. It’s hard, I just feel so unmotivated. Now don’t get me wrong, I love learning and i actually enjoy the content that I get to enlighten my being with. But, exams, a paper that is supposed to measure the degree of my intelligence? And decide my future of what tertiary education i go to which probably will make quite a bit of difference in my life? my gosh, how daunting.

I understand that exams are a good way to gauge where you stand and how much you have learnt but if everyone is memorizing and regurgitating, is anyone really learning? It’s a pity to see how exam’s have made the things we learn at school seem boring and uninteresting to many. We learn about how the freaking heart works, why substances have different states, hitler and stalin’s rule, chinese idioms and math?!?!? it’s great stuff but sometimes it’s overwhelming to have to know all this in great detail all at the same time.

Another thing, I hate when people ask me what I want to be in the future. How am I supposed to know? I haven’t experienced working anywhere before; im only 16 and i’ve spent majority of my life in school. my life revolves around school. how sad does that sound. I feel sorry for myself too. 

alright time to go learn about the Cuban missile crisis in profound detail so that I can get an A which is supposed to help me in my future

Having knowledge does not mean you are intelligent. Having intelligence does not mean you have wisdom.

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how I prep food for the week

preparing food for the week allows me to save money and stay healthy maybe??

here is my tip:

keep it simple.

During the weekends, I would prepare a ‘main’. I try to include all the main nutrients(carbs protein fat). For example, this week, I made chilichup eggplant sauté with tofu,mushrooms and cabbage. Then, during the week, I simply paired it with something. Here are some examples: 


Just by changing the rice from white rice to black rice or adding some simple steamed vegetables, you’ve got a new meal! 😊

Another way is to cook quick and easy foods such as pasta, clear vegetable/cabbage soup, porridge or rice with egg and veggies.

some of my favorite foods to stock up on are

  • Frozen bananas for fruit smoothies
  • Fruit(for recess!)
  • Vegetables
  • Pasta sauce
  • Pasta 
  • Chicken broth 
  • Vegetables
  • Furikake ( japanese rice seasoning that tastes so good with plain rice )

Hope this helps! 🙂

see you 

    • anyhow curry •

      in the spirit of eating healthy (trying), I made a vegetable curry. I like to call it anyhow curry because I made this without any recipes or measurements. 
    my friend who tasted it said it tastes like what curry would taste like if Italians made a curry. 😂 

    i added a sweet potato and I think it thickened the curry a little 🙂

    here’s the recipe from my brain if you are interested in this looks-like-japanese-curry-made-with-indian-spices-but-tastes-like-what-italian-curry-would-taste-like

    • chicken stock/broth 
    • water
    • your favorite vegetables
    • tomato sauce or paste
    • garam masala 
    • ground cumin
    • turmeric 
    • optional: milk, chili powder if you like spicy 
    1. place just enough broth and water into the pot to cover your vegetables
    2. bring to a boil
    3. add your tomato sauce/paste until you think it’s enough
    4. add the spices to your liking
    5. simmer until you get the consistency you like
    6. add some sugar, salt and pepper to adjust and enhance the flavors
    7. add milk/coconut milk if you like it creamy
    8. serve over a bed of rice or noodles or bread

    my mini herb garden 

     Although propagating the basil without any root hormone was stressful on the plant, im so proud that it is able to thrive and grow! The best thing is that it is much healthier than the basil in school ( where I cut it from ) 

    my three mint plants are growing fast but they aren’t as robust as my basil. 

    • O’ma Spoon chocolate banana bingsu • 🍫🍌🍨

     ah bingsu glorious bingsu. I’ve been seeing this fancy looking dessert with an ice cream on top plastered countless times on my Instagram feed. Hence, since we happened to have an appointment at Somerset, I saw O’ma Spoon and told my mom about this famous korean dessert and she agreed to share one together! 😀  

      I was very keen to try the injeolmi (soybean powder one) bingsu because of the unfamiliarity but my wonderful mother wasn’t feeling it so we got the chocolate banana one c: (sgd$13.90)  it is like an icy ice cream that isn’t too icy and was like eating a less creamy oreo mcflurry. Kind of reminded me of llao llao with the crunch although it is very different from llao llao.  

    delicious! I hope to try more bingsu’s in the future c: 
    see you 


    • cut out cookies • 

     cookies were crumbly and flavourful! ️Pooh ones are black sesame and miffy ones are peanut butter. The recipe yielded quite a lot of cookies. I gave about 15 miffy ones to my grandfather. Basically, I just halved the recipe and used each half for each flavor. Surprised that the texture of black sesame cookies didn’t change even though I used black sesame spread instead of peanut butter! 

      less glam shot of ma cookies!

    quick blog post because I’m feeling under the weather and schools starting soon! 😱 

    see you 
    Recipe here